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Instructions for preparing the pin cask.

Pin Cask

5.4 US Gallons

Options for Casks

Traditional Cask Beer

  • Naturally carbonated and conditioned in cask
  • Typically carbonated to 1.0-1.5vol CO2
  • 2oz of corn sugar for pin cask

Pre-fermented and Carbonated Beer

  • Rack beer to cask
  • Add additions
  • Consider adding additions in bags to ensure they don’t block the tap





Preparing the Cask

  1. Remove Bung and Keystone
    • Remove Bung prior to removing tap and Keystone.
    • Hammer Screwdriver through Bung sideways. Use as lever.
    • Keystone will come out with pliers or screwdriver.
  2. Don’t bend or damage cask!
  3. Cleane
  4. Rinse
  5. Sanitize
  6. Hammer in Keystone
  7. Purge with CO2
  8. Fill Cask
  9. Hammer in Bung

Hard Spiles


Soft Spiles


Serving Casks

  • 1-2 days prior to serving, hammer soft spile through bung to vent and check carbonation level.
  • Prepare to get soaked!
  • When gushing stops, remove soft spile and hammer in hard spile.
  • When ready to serve, hammer in clean tap.
  • Replace hard spile with soft spile to allow proper flow of beer at tap.


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